Ellie Fashion Fever

Ellie Fashion Fever

About game «Ellie Fashion Fever»

Do you follow the life of luxurious high-society lionesses, from the mere sight of which hands get cold, and blood begins to run more actively through the veins? This is not surprising, because they all look great, flaunt modern outfits, do exquisite hairstyles and use the services of only trusted stylists. If it sounds like you, the game is for you! Ellie, the great fashionista, is always on the lookout for new trends and follows the advice of renowned fashion designers. But today, the girl decided to try something completely different. Ellie wants to pick her own stylish style based on her unique tastes. Are you able to assist her with this?

Ellie aims to gather a number of bows at once, each ideal for a different occasion. Assist her in selecting a uniform (she works as a flight attendant), a red carpet ensemble, an Afropunk children's costume, and other options. Use the right panel of the playing field to select clothes, accessories, and hairstyles for fashionista Ellie when constructing each bow.