Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D

About game «Traffic Jam 3D»

The problem of traffic jams in large cities is becoming more and more urgent every year. The number of cars on the roads is growing, while the quality of the roads themselves leaves much to be desired. We do not know the solution to this problem, but we do know how to have fun in this situation! In the thrilling driving game Traffic Jam 3D, you must drive at breakneck speeds on a busy highway. Your goal will be to maneuver an automobile along a crowded highway on our website without colliding with any of the cars or trucks on either side of you.

Get to choose between game modes of race, endless, time trial, and free mode. Earn money to buy nitro or to unlock better vehicles like a stylish sports car or a functional city vehicle that makes it simple to maneuver around other vehicles. Talking about controls specifics: Arrows = drive, C = change camera, E = honk. You will make more money as you move nearer to other cars. Enjoy playing Traffic Jam 3D for free online! We wish you have a blast with this game!